Things a Good Agent Should Do For Home Buyer

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Real Estate

There are many things you want your broker to do for you. After all you are making the biggest investment of your life and you want someone that will help you through the process and give you good advice. 

A real estate agent can be invaluable when you are trying to buy a home. Each agent is different, which means each may take a slightly different approach to the home buying process. However, there are certain things that every real estate agent should do for you as a buyer.

I have talked in the past about what to expect from a real estate agent when selling a home. You should have similar expectations as a buyer on what your Realtor will be doing for you!

Use the following list to weed out the agents that you don’t want to work with. These are nine critical things a real estate agent should be doing for home buyers. If you find a potential agent that says he or she won’t do the things on this list, keep looking.

When you find a quality agent, he or she will be more than happy to take care of these things. These are the benefits of having a buyers agent who will be in your corner fighting hard for you

1. Get you pre-approved.

A good Realtor has a sizable network of trusted agents, lenders, and other professionals involved in the home buying and selling process. Your agent should be able to connect you with a trusted lender who will take you through the pre-approval process so you can get to shopping for your home.

You want to be pre-approved so you know how much you can spend, so if you aren’t already – talk to your real estate agent about getting it done.

2. Help find you a home

House hunting is a tiring process at the best of times, requiring you to make concessions so that your dreams can match up with the reality of what is available and what you can afford. One of your Realtor’s key jobs is to help you clarify what you want most, and find you options that meet your specifications as much as possible. The best real estate agents are going to counsel you on location, neighborhood, schools and other factors.

Your agent should help you determine the best locations for you to look based on what you’re looking to achieve, including the type of neighborhood you want, school systems you want to be part of, etc.

3. Negotiate an offer.

 One of the biggest perks of having a great buyer’s agent is their ability to negotiate the best price for your home purchase. The best negotiators know the value of what they are attempting to buy or sell, which is what makes a respected Realtor so useful.

Exceptional buyer’s agents will analyze the value of the home you are looking to purchase. They should then be advising you on what your initial offer should be and how to proceed accordingly when the seller responds.

4. Help with picking a home inspector.

Just like real estate agents, some inspectors are better than others. Your Realtor should know the best home inspectors in the area and help you choose one that you can depend on to give you the low down on the true state of any home you are interested in buying.

Don’t have a buyers agent yet? Here is a great guide on how to pick a home inspector. Use this advice to make the best choice possible.

5. Attend home inspection.

Even the best home inspectors can miss things, and even the most knowledgeable inspectors can fail to accurately convey the information they find to you as a buyer. Your buyer’s agent should be at the home inspection to hear exactly what the home inspector finds.

When the home inspection is over and you are given the report from the inspector an excellent agent will counsel you on what should be brought to the sellers attention.

If your agent is not in attendance it is awfully hard to understand what the issues are and then negotiate them. Make sure you find out up-front if your agent will be at the inspection. If they say it is not their “policy” to go, insist they be there. Unfortunately, in this business, there are a lot of lazy agents that will try to get away with doing as little as possible.

There are obviously more things you want out of a good broker, contact us us additional advice and processes.