The Little Handbook for Getting Stuff Done


There’s a ton to be gained by getting good at Getting Stuff Done (GSD).

While I don’t think that productivity and efficiency is the answer to life, nor should it be your only focus … there are still a ton of benefits from Getting Stuff Done. A ton.

Some of the benefits:

You start accomplishing more
You begin to believe in yourself more
You waste less time procrastinating and distracting yourself
You become more trustable — when you tell people you’re going to get stuff done, they believe you
You become more hireable, as people love to hire someone who gets stuff done
You are less held back by this dimension of your life, which will allow you to go deeper in other areas — understanding what’s important, being curious, playing, learning, making deep connections with people, retraining old mental patterns that are getting in the way, and more
You start earning more
You might be able to found a successful startup or create a great organization
You might be able to spread your ideas further, as you prove yourself worthy of listening to (because you’ve accomplished something) and as you get the things done that need to be done to spread ideas, like writing a book or blog or giving a talk
And on and on. You get the benefits — you just want to know how to get better at Getting Stuff Done.

This is the guide for you. First we’ll look at the stuff that gets in the way. Then the skills you need to get good at to Get Stuff Done. Then how to get good at Getting Stuff Done.