The Best (Self) Defense is a Good Offense

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The Best (Self) Defense is a Good Offense


l When walking, keep your purse close to your body. Don’t carry it by the handle or strap.

l Never leave your purse lying on a counter or in a shopping cart, even if you’re right next to it. A thief can easily grab it and run as you watch. Always keep purse closures fastened.

l At night, walk only on heavily traveled, well-lighted streets. Avoid wooded parks, dark parking lots and construction areas after sundown.

l Walk near the curb rather than near buildings, alleys or shrubbery.

l If you believe you’re being followed as you walk, turn around and look. If you’re in danger, you can prepare to deal with it.

l If you’re accosted while walking by someone in a car, run in the opposite direction the car is traveling. In the time it takes the car to turn around, you can be gone.

l Always check for intruders in the back seat of your car before entering.

l If a car is following you, don’t drive home. Drive to a police, fire or gas station, or any other populated, well-lighted area. Remember your horn is a good alarm.

l To prevent carjacking, lock all doors when you’re driving.

l When stopped in traffic, leave enough space between your car and the car ahead for quick escape.

Take a self-defense class to learn protection techniques.